Bolton Street Synagogue is an open Jewish community rooted in tradition. We are dedicated to fostering Jewish culture, learning, spirituality and social action in a participatory and intimate environment.

The Bolton Street Synagogue community believes that its success has been influenced by certain basic principles or core values. Core values serve as the foundation upon which the synagogue operates and outline the framework upon which Bolton Street will meet the needs of its congregation. We warmly welcome all, including interfaith couples and families, and lesbian, gay, transsexual or transgender individuals and families. We invite you to join us for religious services every Friday evening beginning at 7:30 pm.

Simchat Torah Consecration 2014

 Our Community

Our synagogue is a warm and welcoming shul made up of many diverse individuals and families who seek spiritual fulfillment in an open Jewish community.

Services, Celebrations and Lifecycle Events -
The Life Line of Bolton Street Synagogue

Bolton Street Synagogue is dedicated to worship and prayer services that meet the needs of those who come to pray. We use an unaffiliated, friendly prayer book, Siddur Eit Ratzon ( that has a running transliteration for every page. It contains non gender specific language. Its pages are filled with commentary, explanations, and meditative sections. Our prayers are interspersed with discussion and feedback about the essence of tefillah and what our devotions hope to accomplish. Every person finds a different meaning in prayer and it is our wish to enable and empower all to find the paths to meaning and enlightenment during worship.

Our yearly cycle of worship services also includes special congregational dinners linked to the various Jewish calendrical events. Channukah, Purim, Sukkot and Simchat Torah, Israeli Independence Day and other special occasions include congregational meals and festive occasions to rejoice with the youth of our Hebrew school. Our yearly communal Passover Seder and Tu B’shvat dinner proves to be lively, filled with discussion are wonderful participatory events.

Likewise, the High Holy Days provide both our youth and congregants opportunities to participate in Torah Readings and Aliyah. On the second day of Rosh Hashanah, we call upon congregants to share their spiritual journey with us. This offers a special opportunity to learn from others.

Lifecycle Events
We tailor each lifecycle event with the individual in mind. From the joys of baby naming through the celebrations of B’nai Mitzvah to the passing of loved ones, each is geared to the specific needs and desires of the family.