Our Synagogue

Bolton Street Synagogue was founded in 1986 in the Bolton Hill district of Baltimore and is Reform synagogue whose members come from a variety of backgrounds creating a unique place of worship.


Outgrowing our old home, we moved into a beautiful new location in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore City.  It was dedicated December 7, 2003. 

We began with about 30 families and continue to be relatively small and inclusive with over 150 family units now.

stained_glass_windowAs a reminder of where we came from and as a symbol of our past history, light from the stained glass window including the Ten Commandments that was housed in our old synagogue is in our new lobby and casts a spectrum of colors down upon it. 

The stained glass window in the lobby was designed by Walter Schwarz, one of our founding members, who has since passed away.  At the beginning of the Nazi era, Mr. Schwarz lived through Kristallnacht or “The Night of Broken Glass.”  It was on this night in November 1938 that the glass windows in almost every German synagogue and in most Jewish owned businesses were shattered.  Following this experience, Mr. Schwarz swore that if he should escape Nazi German, he would one day learn to create and build with glass.  The star serves as a memorial to the six million Jews who perished in the flames of the Holocaust.

As a synagogue, we have a deep awareness and understanding of Judaism that reaches back over 3,000 years.  At the same time and as a relatively young shul, we cherish our own vibrant roots.