Lifelong Learning at Bolton Street Synagogue

Do not say, “When I have leisure, I will study.”  Perhaps you never will have that leisure.

Hillel, Mishnah Avot 2:

Contemporary Jewish Responsa

Have you ever wondered if a gentile may wear a tallit, if an illegal immigrant may be converted to Judaism, if cremation is permitted, or if a sex offender is permitted to join a synagogue? Join us as we explore fascinating and real-world questions such as these. We promise you will not be bored! 


Introduction to Judaism, sponsored by the Baltimore Board of Rabbis (registration required)
Taught by a distinguished faculty of Baltimore-area rabbis. Offered every Thursday from 7:30 to 9 p.m. All sessions (unless otherwise noted) will be held at JCC Park Heights. Click here for more information or to register. 

Interested in exploring some other topic in Judaism?  Email Rabbi Gordon


The Bolton Street Library provides access for congregation members to general Judaica and reference works as well as an overview of Jewish literature, philosophy, and history. The Library, dedicated in 2009 to the late Roger Dalsheimer, serves as a lending library for members of the congregation, with accessibility in the near future to the Library’s computerized library collection of over 2,000 books through the Library’s resource computer and the internet.