The [purpose of the] synagogue is to open up your eyes to the world.

                                                                                                       Rabbi Harold Schulweis

For many kids across the country, both past and present, religious school might be just another “chore” they have to complete in order to fulfill their b’nei mitzvah requirements. Here at Bolton Street Synagogue, we strive for more and seek to set a standard of excellence within our school. Through innovation, creativity, collaboration and passion for Jewish education, we continue to ensure that our priority remains one thing—the satisfaction of our families and students.

Our Sunday morning religious school program offers students and their families an incredible opportunity to develop a connection and love for Judaism through the lesson plans and programs organized and executed by our excellent faculty and staff. From Kindergarten through 9th Grade, the students are presented with lessons, activities and special events through which they can form an appreciation for Judaism in a way that is meaningful to them. We acknowledge the importance of both formal and informal Jewish education and seek to incorporate elements of both into our school curriculum.

Our sense of community is what makes the Bolton Street Synagogue continue working towards our goal to serve as a standard of excellence for schools throughout the Baltimore area. Won’t you and your children join in helping us achieve that vision?

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