Synagogue membership is a sacred contract with a community, where our gifts and our passions are recognized, nourished, and directed toward the enrichment of others.

                                                                                      Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Bolton Street Synagogue.

Founded 30-years ago, Bolton Street Synagogue is an open, Jewish community rooted in tradition.

We are a community from a variety of backgrounds who have come together to create a unique place of worship. Our members come from every point in the Jewish spectrum, and we follow those practices from each branch that we find most comfortable and meaningful.

As an open Jewish community, we welcome those from every branch of Judaism, including both maternal and paternal decent and also fully include interfaith couples and non-Jewish spouses and partners as full members of our synagogue.

While we are a small congregation we celebrate each Shabbat in our synagogue home on Friday evenings, some Saturdays, and most major Jewish holidays. We encourage you to come and worship with us at Bolton Street, and meet Rabbi Andy Gordon and our members.

Please do not hesitate to call if we can provide any additional information or if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bolton Street Synagogue family.


Melissa Zieve, President
email Melissa

Hope Ratner, Administrator
email or call (410)235-5354

Download the Fair Share Dues Worksheet . 

Please note that there is an assessment for the building fund, payable over a five year period, of all new members except young adults. The assessment is $400 per year, beginning in the second year. 

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