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“You should not appear before God empty-handed.  Every person should give in accordance with how s/he has been blessed. . .”  

Deuteronomy 16:16b-17

Fair Share Dues

Bolton Street Synagogue embraces Jewish values. Our vision statement reminds us that we strive to “…be a place of belonging known for its dynamic celebration of spirituality, justice, learning, and engagement with the greater community.”

We are rapidly advancing on all these counts. There is much more work to do, always.

We hope you’ve found an enriching niche for yourself at Bolton Street Synagogue. If not yet, please call on our board and we’ll team up to explore opportunities. They abound among our guiding values: inclusiveness, l’dor v’dor, spirituality, and tikkun olam.

We hope you’ll also think of dues as (i) a down payment on the future of Bolton Street Synagogue and (ii) support of the impact we’re determined to have on the well-being of our larger community. Right now, a team at BSS is taking a hard look at opportunities to participate in the good of our Baltimore friends and neighbors.

The biggest expression of your shared support for Bolton Street Synagogue comes through dues. You keep the lights on, pay salaries, and assure a safe and secure setting. You support the religious school’s inspired teaching, affirm the wonderful work of Rabbi Andy Gordon, and much, much more. Compare it to keeping your own residence in order. For heartfelt reasons and for the sake of continuity, we all seek to strengthen the things in life that matter.

Our fair-share dues system is designed to make it possible for everyone to support Bolton Street Synagogue. It relies on adjusted gross income and any additional generosity. To calculate your own 2019-2020 payment and deadlines, please download the Fair Shares Dues Worksheet for 2019

No one is ever turned away. If your calculation is less than the minimum, please reach out to Elaine Richman, President (410-491-8370; There should be no barriers to membership.

Thank you in advance. You make Bolton Street Synagogue a very special place.

To make a partial dues payment by credit card if you have already calculated your fair share sum, click here:  



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