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“You should not appear before God empty-handed.  Every person should give in accordance with how s/he has been blessed. . .”  

Deuteronomy 16:16b-17

Fair Share Dues

The Fair-Share dues structure is designed to generate the funds necessary to sustain our synagogue while at the same time doing so in the fairest and most equitable way possible. Dues are 1.5% of your adjusted gross income as it appeared on your most recent federal tax return or the minimum for your membership category, whichever is greater. There is a 10% discount if paid in full by July 1 and a 5% discount if paid in full by August 1, but if you are able to pay early without taking the discount, your extra generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Upon joining, new members who are not in the young adult category are assessed a $2,000 building fund commitment, to be paid over a five year period. No payment is required the first year of membership, but payments must begin by the second year, i.e., $400 per year for five years.

We at Bolton Street take pride in not turning anyone away due to financial hardship. If you feel that you need special payment arrangements or dues relief, please contact our Administrator at (410)235-5354, or We thank all congregants for doing their part and especially thank those whose pledges exceed the recommended 1.5%. As a conventional community, we rely on one another to do our respective parts.

To make a partial dues payment by credit card if you you have already calculated your fair share sum, click here:  

Download the Fair Share Dues Worksheet . 


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